Most Popular Open Source Software

Last time, we published a post about the meaning of open source. We learned that open source software is software that was released along with its source code and is mostly free. That attributes made open source software popular to the masses because they can alter the software to their liking if they have the skills for free! In addition to that, there are popular open source software that dominates its field and some that are almost a match to proprietary software that costs hundreds to thousands of dollars. Now, without further ado, let’s take a look at the most popular open source software today.


No doubt, WordPress is one of the most popular open source software when you want to start a website. Not only it’s free, its extensions and plugin selection comes with a great variety that is also free. There are hundreds to thousands of free themes available in the WordPress repository and thousands of free plugins too. It’s also easy to install, use and modify if you have the skills and there is a huge community to help you when you have problems.


Linux, as an inseparable unit with GNU programming as GNU/Linux, has progressed beyond anyone’s expectations since Linus Torvalds reported that he was making an OS kernel in view of Minix in 1991. Nowadays, a lion’s share of web servers run Linux, and with Ubuntu (see beneath) it is likewise (at long last) beginning to make advances into the desktop market, and possibly it will soon additionally be solid player in the mobile business sector with Android (which utilizes the Linux kernel).


A favorite browser for developers, Firefox is an open source software that is used by a lot of people all around the world. From students to professional programmers, Firefox offers a powerful way of navigating the World Wide Web and it comes with thousands of extensions to extend its functionalities. It also has themes to customize its looks and you can even fork Firefox itself to make your very own browser. The TOR browser is one popular Firefox fork that allows almost complete anonymity on the web.


A standout amongst the most prominent open source security applications, ClamAV has been consolidated into various items and has been called “the accepted standard for mail gateway scanning.” The core program works with UNIX-based systems, yet the site additionally offers data on Immunet, a ClamAV-based Windows solution that is accessible in both free and paid variants. Operating System: Linux, yet front-closes and extra forms are accessible for different OSes.

Aside from this list, there are thousands of free software available for use by anyone and can be easily found by using Google for searching. You can also visit GitHub and Source Forge to look for numerous open source apps.